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Welcome to Ms. Kanazeh 's World History                                     Class !!!!

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                                                             Martin Luther King.

6th Graders ! I am pleased to be your teacher this year and I am looking forward to make our classroom a fun learning experience for all of us. In this website yo will find information of classwork, homework, and projects that are related to you 6th grade World History class. My expectations is for you to access this website weekly and obtain assignments that you have missed in class. 






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What 's is going on this week ?


Monday, February 6



1.write a paragraph to distinguish Mesoamerican cultures

2. Video about American cultures


Tuesday, February 7



1. 1.write a paragraph to distinguish Mesoamerican cultures


Wednesday, February 8



1.introduction to chapter 8 ( story pg 243)

2 .essential question : what is power? who should have it?

3.Greek geography graphic organizer pg 246


Thursday, February 9



1. Read pg 248-251

2.vocabulary map pg 250-251


Friday, February 10



1.chapter 8 section 1 notes pg 243- 251 ( power point)


Links ( Here  are Important websites for you to know )

gb.browardschools.com/Pinnacle/Gradebook  (  check your grade )

beep.browardschools.com ( check online textbook )

https://quizlet.com/login   ( create flash cards 

Have Fun and a successful year

Ms. Kanazehheart